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    Sunday, July 19, 2009


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    You want fat people? We got 'em. You're obviously living on the wrong coast... well, okay, both coasts are wrong. Move to the Midwest and you'll feel skinny.


    Amen! :)

    you know...Naperville isn't much different than LA.


    I think many of the fat people live in my state (go, Midwest!), but I still find that the bulk of my friends are still quite slender.

    But if it makes you feel better, I'd give my left leg to only weigh 158 (and if I gave my left leg, I'd still be more than that). Granted, I'm creating a child in my womb at the moment, but I didn't even weigh that pre-pregnancy. Maybe I'm just extra-sensative that I passed the good ol' 200 mark this past week.

    And I love your pictures of Syd! Don't let those mean plastic old ladies make you feel bad. Syd's cuter than they ever could hope to be (or have ever been) and they speak only in attempts of self-preservation.


    All the fat people are in KY. You aren't fat at all. I agree, you should be proud of the fact that you have a daughter and not worry about your weight.


    Manda. You're HOT. And I mean that in the most uncreepy manner possible.

    My sister is a stick-bug mom and I feel like the pressure I put on myself comes from that. She's 5'1" maybe 100 and something very small pounds after having birthed SEVEN CHILDREN - no multiples. It's hard being the "fat" girl in the family and coming to terms with my body size in that context....


    Sheez, Manda, let me at the woman who asked whether you're pregnant. I am furious that she just had to make an insensitive comment that made you feel so bad. I think you look fantastic, friend. That amount of weight lost is nothing to sneeze at; it's a HUGE amount of weight to lose! In other news, Syd looks so different, now; she just keeps changing so much.


    girl, the fat mama's are in the south. i'm the queen of 20 somethin mama's with a "kangaroo pouch."


    Living in San Diego (and a beach area specifically) I have the same problem, mostly with uber-thin fake-blonde girls....ugh. Yuck. Thankfully Alice is super cute and reminds me on a daily basis that I don't need to be stick-thin!!!!

    Sid continues to be adorable!


    First of all you look FABULOUS! Second, I am with J - 158 sounds freaking awesome to me right now. My goal is 140 amd I still have 55.6 pounds to go but that's better than the 84.5 I started with. Anyway, I think you look great and just because that woman was INSANE you shouldn't let it bother you. Oh and come visit Indiana sometime - we have a TON of fat people here. He he.

    Amanda Culver

    I remembered wanting to punch people when I was pregnant with my little girl and everyone kept asking me if I was having twins... the nerve of some people!


    HA! 158 is my skinny! Have resolved to never step foot in LA!

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