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    Wednesday, February 03, 2010


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    Morgan S.

    Manda, you should check out this potty is hilarious!

    That is so great Syd is interested! Hadley is too. She says "pottttttttty!?" and pulls her shirt up whenever she enters the bathroom...she even pretends to wipe!

    Get ready to spend vast amounts of time hanging out in your bathroom.


    Yea, Syd! I think it's wise to let her lead the way - esp since she's so young. But Ali was potty trained and fully in panties (minus sleeping times) by her second birthday. Yea for girls.


    IF she is interested !! Go for it!


    Go for it, no reason to wait if she's interested. I started my kiddo at 16 months just because she showed interest and she took to it quickly.

    I would put her on the potty right after waking up in the morning, after nap and right before bed regardless of whether she wet herself or not (there was almost always more to come anyway). Once she got used to that, we transitioned to the big potty with no kid seat because it was easier than having to empty the little potty. The change to the big potty has gotten her fully poo trained, the way her butt hangs down in the toilet kinda helps her feel that she's ready and helps her to push it out.

    Then slowly over time we increased the number of times we put her on the potty, and she's getting to where she can tell if she needs to go. She's in regular panties other than night time (she makes it through most nights), doesn't have accidents very often and will be two in about month.

    One recommendation, don't bother with the thick panties, they feel like a diaper.


    All you people with a potty trained two year old are like magical apparitions to me.



    A'Dell, I'm an adoptive parent, and when we were moving our kiddos from their foster home to ours, we asked about potty training cause the foster mom was training her 18 month old. She said something that stuck with me... it's easier to start training them really early because they don't know how to say no yet. You can't expect it to be quick but they'll be comfortable with the potty before their body is ready and that's the biggest battle.

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