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    Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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    Dude. Buy this: That's how people know. Also, Ask Moxie. You will sleep again. *pinky swear*


    I totally missed a couple of doctor's appts the first few months with Claire. I even showed up ON THE WRONG DAY once.

    It is unbelievable was sleep deprivation does to a normally organized person.


    I cannot even blame you. You're doing your best, and with a 4 month old and a 2 year old, you've just got to get through the day with enough energy to make it through standing up! Hang in there lady...the sleep will come again! (Remind me of that when I am kvetching on Twitter about not sleeping at all when this new baby arrives, okay?

    Ali V

    I dropped out too this week, and your reasons are sooooo much more important than mine (nuturing new amazing human being v. frantic work schedule and frantic reno to put house on market). I think this just wasn't the right moment for me. I'm still trying of course, but I think beating myself up every Monday when my progress is so so slow compared to others, may not be the best strategy for me. I'm sure the right time will come for both of us. Later. When there is sleep....sleeeeeeep!


    I remember that overwhelmed feeling, it stinks!

    Can one of the students you work with stop over for an hour a couple times a week to give you some reprieve? Maybe watch Elijah so you can take Sydney to the park or shower or cook a decent meal. There is a girl at our church who does that and it is so helpful.

    Anyway, you are not alone. Hang in there!


    Totally legit reason for dropping out of BBL.

    Also, about the sleep thing, I know you didn't ask for suggestions, but here's one thing that helped us. I would go to bed at 9 and Brian would deal with the baby until 11. Sometimes the baby would sleep in the bouncer, other times he cried the whole time. (He fed him pumped milk or formula if he needed it.) That way I could count on a full two hours of sleep before I had to deal with the baby again. Worked wonders.


    Remember it is OKAY to let your kids wail for a bit. Put them both somewhere safe and go and take that DANG shower!! Put on real clothes and maybe some mascara. You know you will feel so much better! As for the exercise-put them both in a stroller (don't remember if you have a double or not) or put Elijah in a front carrier and just GET OUT! I cannot tell you how many times I went around the block with a newborn and a 1 year old screaming and wailing the whole time. But you know what? I felt better!!! Remember this too shall pass!


    My 4 month old has also started drooling and gnawing on his hands and I'm attributing it to teething, though I don't expect to see teeth for a few more months. My first baby was the same way. We've also been having sleeping troubles and I've had to resort to letting him sleep in the swing during the day. He would nurse all the time too except I resort to giving him 5 oz of formula two or three times a day. I've had supply issues so I had been attributing his seemingly insatiable appetite to not making enough milk. But maybe it's just a 4 month thing. Seriously though, maybe you should incorporate some formula. Then your husband could share the burden a bit at night. And maybe Elijah would sleep for longer stretches. Hang in there :-)

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