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    Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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    I was moved to tears by the story of the sponges... Even at our worst my family has never experienced such poverty. My daughters and I are trying to give back this year... We are serving at a homeless shelter on Christmas... I wish we could give back on a global scale... My prayers are with your husband.


    First of all, your husband is adorable. But you know this already! What a big heart and so courageous. So much love to you guys!


    Aw...I came to comment to help combat your loneliness and then I got distracted by the Blathering 2012 announcement and now I'm having emotional whiplash. But the good kind.


    OH my heart. Your husband is doing amazing things, and you are serving too just by keeping everything running at home. I cannot imagine either, but maybe in even trying to imagine we can be pushed to do more. I know that reading this post pushed me.


    Manda, listen to Bissie.viola. You are an amazing partner and NOTHING I am doing is possible without your leadership in our family. I love you so much! Not wasting a single minute!! :)

    Dana, you cannot imagine how simple it is to do something global right where you are. Not kidding! If you ever want to chat about it, message Manda!

    Whew, what an amazing post - has me totally fired up.


    I thought this post had me emotional before, but then I read your husband's comment and now I'm really in tears. You're such an inspiring family.

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