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    Monday, May 14, 2012


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    I read this somewhere and can't remember where, but it said that we see the outtakes of our own lives and the highlight reel of everyone else's. I always try to assume that everyone else has it together about the same amount I do. Or that they are robots.


    "And because it's hard? That doesn't excuse you to have a crappy attitude about it all."

    Uggggggh, why do you have to be so RIGHT and so SPECIFIC?


    I really love this line: "I sometimes put all the good stuff into a corner." I think we ALL do that but it's a nice reminder to quit it because there's always so much good.

    I have one child and that's likely how it will stay and I feel like I can never complain, EVER, because nearly every mom I know has more than one and therefore has it tougher, but that's just plain nuts, isn't it? We all have tough days and tough situations and motherhood is just PLAIN TOUGH, no matter what we're specifically facing or how many kids we each have. We're all doing our best.

    It's okay to acknowledge the (accurate) toughness of some of your days while still giving her a round of applause. She likely needs it and so do you. So, round of applause Manda. You're an awesome mom.


    Oh this was a great post! I'm not a mom, but it was SO, SUPER applicable to my life.

    Your kids are so adorable AND beautiful! :)


    I wish I had something productive to add, but I am nodding and clapping over here to all of it, because YES. This is it, exactly.

    Amy F

    Wow, what an awesome post. I SO do this all the time and it's not good for any of us. Thanks for the wonderful perspective.

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