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    Friday, November 09, 2012


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    Yes, we always send out Christmas photo cards since having kids five years ago and I always look for the best deal since we mail out A LOT!


    I used photo cards for the first time last Christmas and loved them! I saw an idea (Pinterest maybe, probably) about using the photo cards you receive to make a contact book or "Who's Who" for kids that might be fun to do this year.

    Melissa A

    Yes! I have cards already setup on Shutterfly, I'm just trying to choose which I prefer. I love this 'highlights' card idea too though...although if I win, I'd use this towards a photo book I have waiting there instead :) Pick me!


    I love this idea, that you can put a little more information than just "Merry Christmas!"

    Angela (@Aferg22)

    I always send out photo cards, and Shutterfly is my favorite site! I have never sent out a newsletter, but I have been toying with the idea, so the card + newsletter in one is perfect.


    First, I want to know why those people in that second card moved to Switzerland for such a short period of time.

    I am considering a newsletter this year too. I suspect I will run out of time and not do it, but we will see. I am definitely doing cards though and using Shutterfly! :)


    Love it! Getting our Christmas card pica taken tomorrow...


    We've never sent out a Christmas card. We've wanted to, but just never get around to doing it. Love the picture & highlights card idea. Maybe if we happen upon a good family photo, we might have to take the plunge.


    Sometimes we send out cards, sometimes we don't. This year will probably be a check in the don't column because we've had a lot of big expenses (tires on 2 cars, etc) and are scrimping just to get the kids some things for Christmas.


    We send out about 125 Photo Christmas cards. I love all the new Shutterfly designs. So many choices to choose from. I will order from them no matter what so $50 would really help with the cost. It only my sons 2nd Christmas.


    We usually sent out photo cards too. This year I am going to use a collage of our snapshots as we are waiting until spring to have our professional family pictures. I love he highlight card idea. Hmmmm..... I never do the whole newsletter but I am loving the bullet point style.


    I'm gonna try to send out cards this the "Highlight" style!


    I'll definitely be sending out Shutterfly holiday cards this year! And calendars and coasters and anything else we can think of. (The coasters are our favorite, actually.)


    I do a Shutterfly card every year, so this would be awesome!


    We do send out cards every year, now that we have 2 lil' chitlins we do photo cards. We have used Shutterfly for other things (ahem photo calendars)... would love to try them for Christmas cards!


    i would love to send out holiday cards- if i could afford them...and i want to send a photo card with all 3 of my kids on them
    tcogbill at live dot com

    sindy murray

    I will like to send some this year and I would like the ornament type!!


    We'll do a photo card, but I haven't thought much about it beyond that. This is our first Christmas as a family of four, so I'm excited to have Damien's smiley face appear on the card.


    I do send Christmas cards every year, and I do a letter, too. I always feel so cheesy doing it, but people tell me that they love them, so I guess I will continue....


    just got married this year-- and would love to do christmas cards for the first time!


    Yes, I'll be sending out photo cards.


    We send out photo Christmas cards each year.

    sindy murray

    I will like to send ornament cards!

    Dana N

    Yes, I will be sending out photo cards - especially since we just got professional photos taken! :)


    What a great idea! I was thinking about writing a letter (since we haven't in 5 years) but everyone's letter all sounds the same and I frankly just don't feel like it. Will definitely look into this option.


    I LOVE to send and receive photo Christmas cards. And, I always use Shutterfly - $50 would be awesome!


    Just had pictures taken, and we're ready to send out cards. This would be a great way to do it.

    Lauren Crowston

    I want to win! :)


    With the new arrivals we will definitely be doing photo cards!

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