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    Thursday, January 24, 2013


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    Melissa A

    Do not try the febreeze scented tide if you value your ability to smell? That was so awful I think I threw out half a giant tub. It was so overpowering and whatever scent it was paired with..lavender maybe..I don't know - it was gag inducing. I really hope they come out with more unscented options too. I recently switched to Gain because I couldn't stomach any of the Tide flavors anymore.


    My new favorite thing in the laundry room is the Method Fabric Softener spray. 4 sprays in the dryer and you are done. No more hunting for the dryer sheet while folding your clothes. And it works!




    This is great. I've been experimenting lately with environmentally friendly products myself. Every time I clean the kitchen counters with my vinegar/water mix, I think, "There is no way this is cleaning like my 409 would have."

    That's why when I cleaned the bathrooms this week, I used PineSol. I know those tubs are sparkling clean.


    My son is 2 now, and has pretty sensitive skin. I have used All free & clear for a long time... Love it. And it's dye/scent free. AND it comes in pods!! Good luck!


    I can't get away from Tide. I have three boys under five, and I can only imagine their laundry will get worse instead of better. I love those pods, but I find that I can't use them on the boys' laundry, because my youngest breaks out. I am trying All free and clear for the first time, because I got a bottle really cheap. I have to say I miss the smell I associate with clean.


    I use the Method laundry detergent. It has a light scent that isn't overpowering, and seems to get things good and clean. Works on muddy stuff and dirty work clothes, but I can't vouch for preschool clothes.

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