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    Monday, February 11, 2013


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    oh how sweet! what a great post! you should just mark it on your calendar, 1st week Syd, 2nd week E, 3rd week baby bear, 4th week A&J!
    then you won't "miss them" :)


    First of all--these pictures make my day happy. He's definitely all boy--and so adorable! I totally hear you. My baby is 10 months old (today actually) and I haven't done any posts about the poor kid--haven't even started a photo book for him (my oldest had three at this point). Sometimes I feel so bad that he gets all the hand me downs and less attention than his brother does.

    And, I totally agree about how two kids can be so different. I have two boys and they are as different as can be. They look alike in many ways, but they act so differently. DNA is crazy, yo!

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