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    Monday, January 06, 2014


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    "It's stupid," is going to be my new response when I get a case of the wanty-wants. You're doing such a great job.

    Megan Stevens

    I seriously think we are living such similar lives. It must be the 3 kid thing. My husband and I both parted with our past recently. I sold my fancy road bike (exactly how long ago was my last triathlon?!? Eek!) and he parted with his college beer signs which were going to be placed in his future man cave (which just became a designated play space and won't be used as a man cave for at least 15 yrs!). Needless to say, we are also letting go. And I think your blog just inspired me to secretly pack up and donate at least 1 garbage bag full of toys. I mean, seriously, why does one house need so many toys!?!? And why does every shelf/counter/tabletop/corner need clutter?!?! IT DOESNT! Phew!


    Sometimes less and purging and saying "goodbye" just feels good.

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